Company Summary

Eco-zero is a leading company that makes constant efforts on R&D to improve indoor air quality.

The company is also a new technology specialized company that holds multiple patents related to the industry. We will try our best as a future-oriented eco-friendly company to maintain healthy life by preventing all harmful pollutants and inducing natural therapy based on the differentiated technology and knowhow on the solution of indoor environment pollution and environmental diseases.

Mission of Eco-zero

“Future-oriented Eco-friendly Company, Eco-zero”

We will continue to pursue the mission of solving indoor environment problems and environmental diseases through constant and various ‘R&D’ with the purpose of being a world leading company of the indoor environment market.

Current State of Eco-zero

· Company Name Eco-zero
· President Kim Yun-hwan
· Established date May 9, 2013
· Major businesses – installation of sick house syndrome remediator & manufacturing sick house syndrome remediator(Naver, SK, Seohai Construction, Samsung Raemian/ training and operating installation professionals, constant regular management services)
– Manufacturing eco-friendly aroma fabric perfume(therapy fabric perfume, men’s fabric perfume, pet’s fabric perfume, fabric perfume for examinees, fabric perfume for infants, fabric perfume for silver)
– Manufacturing green cooking equipment(eco-cooking equipment with no worry about harmful gases, 97% reduction of fine dust, prevention of oil spatter, reduction of cooking time- saving energy, reduced stove hood pollution)

History of Eco-zero


・12 The US patent registration(US 9848734 B2)

・08 Transferred factory and research center to #B211, Pyeongchon Digital Empire

・06 Contracted the company suite of Pyeongchon Digital Empire Knowledge Industry Center(60 pyeong)

・03 Developed ‘Ahope’, a premium aroma fabric perfume line


・12 Awarded gold prize at World International Invention Exhibition

・11 Participated in Korea Environmental Friendly Exhibition 2017 hosted by Mistry of Environment

・03 Acquired ISO 9001:2008 Certification(developing and manufacturing eco-friendly deodorizer/ Q184317)


・10 Acquired Venture Company Confirmation(No. 20160112218)


・06 Completed R&D of Hinoki Cypress natural antibacterial deodorizer

・05 Multiple big corporations and apartment buildings including NAVER, SK C&C and Seohai Construction – installation of sick house syndrome remediator

・03 A new technology specialized company that holds multiple patents[5 invention patents, 2 patent applications, 1 PCT application/ 6 design registrations]


・12 Completed the development of Hinoki Cypress phytoncide coating(excellent in removing HCHO and VOCs)

・10 ‘R&D exclusive department’ certified(Korea Industrial Technology Association

・09 Selected as ‘Promising Franchise Company’ by Agency for Traditional Market Administration/ Collaboration R&D of ‘Eco-cooking equipment’

・04 Joint-research of eco-cooking equipment with Department of Manufacturing Design, Seoul National University of Science and Technology


・09 Selected as ‘New Growth Engine Promising Start-up Company’ by Ministry of Employment and Labor

・08 Established industry university cooperation with Seoul National University of Science and Technology(joint research on indoor air quality)

・05 Established a corporation of ‘Eco-zero’


・12 Took occupancy of R&D Center in Seoul National University of Science and Technology

・06 Venture Company Certification(No. 20120109857/ Korea Technology Finance Corporation)

・06 ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification(korQ-121080 / MSA Certification Institution)

・05 Completed the development of Nano-oxygen catalysis coating


・10 Established Eco-zero


・01 Started R&D of Nano-oxygen catalysis coating that reacts to oxygen by improving the disadvantage of photo catalysis that only reacts to ultraviolet rays


・08 Manufacturing photo catalysis for removal of sick house syndrome & installation service


・02 R&D of photo catalysis using inorganic material(TiO2)

Organization Chart